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N'shei Ohr HaTorah's Mission

The mission of the N’shei Ohr HaTorah is to inspire, educate and unify women to live lives focused on spiritual growth and development.



Of interest to the whole community but geared towards women affiliated with Ohr HaTorah, N’shei Ohr HaTorah strives to educate, inspire, unify and enlighten through various programming throughout the year including shiurim, guest inspirational speakers, chesed, initiatives, melave malkas, shalosh suedoses, and fundraising events for the shul.

In the summer the N’shei hosts a weekly Shabbos afternoon shiur given by different Rabbis or women in the community. We also host an annual sefirah event where we bring in a special guest speaker. Additionally, we coordinate one weekly shiur given by the Rav, which is a conference call in shiur given on Thursday nights and then a monthly shiur on Sunday mornings.

N’shei also coordinates meals for families that have a new baby or during shiva. If you would like to get involved, plan an event or have any questions regarding N’shei. Please contact the N’shei Chair.

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Contact Meal Coordinator Sarah Karlin


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Wed, February 28 2024 19 Adar I 5784